South Sumatra LRT has Transported Two Million Passengers

SEBARIN.INFO, Jakarta, – A year since it’s launch, South Sumatera Light Rail Transit (LRT) in the city of Palembang has become alternative transportation for the public. In nearly a year, the first LRT in Indonesia has transported 2,096,556 passengers.

Public Relations Manager of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) Divre III Palembang Aida Suryanti said 8 June 2019 recorded the highest number of passengers with a total of 24,622 passengers. She also said that PT KAI continues to take steps to attract more people to use LRT as their daily transportation.

"Since 22 February 2019 we have integrated LRT with Damri buses and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Trans Musi to facilitate the public in using public transportation," Aida said through an official statement received by InfoPublik, Tuesday (8/7).

On 7 June 2019, six trips have been added to the operation of South Sumatra LRT, making it 58 trips from the previous 52 a day, with operating hours from 4.48 am to 8.32 pm every day with the last departure from Airport station at 7.30 pm.

The additional six LRT trips is aimed at improving service to the public and providing longer operating hours. Currently, on average, LRT passenger reaches 10,000 passengers per day and this number can reach more than 12,000 passengers on weekend.

PT KAI encourages people to use public transportations such as LRT for their affordable prices and convenience. "We hope for the support of all parties and the public to participate in maintaining and making the South Sumatra LRT as the backbone of future public transportation system," said Aida.

Reporter: Putri

Translator: Sugiarti