Transportation Ministry of Transportation Encourages Codeshare Flights

SEBARIN.INFO, Jakarta, – Indonesian Transportation Ministry is intensively disseminating codeshare flights to the people.

Director General of Air Transportation, Polana B Pramesti (6/15) stated that codeshare is a joint service agreement between two airlines or more in serving one flight route.

For codeshare flights, each airline can sell flight tickets on the same route, but only one airline operates flights on that route.

Codeshare flights have different flight numbers and codes for each airline. Codeshare flights can be carried out on international and domestic routes.

The domestic codeshare flight operator must be a national airline. Foreign airlines only act as marketing carriers, while national airlines are operating carriers.

Codeshare flights are usually carried out by airlines in an alliance or group. For example, Sky Team, One World, or Star Alliance. Garuda is a member of the Sky Team.

By conducting codeshare, a number of needs such as large costs and impassable limitations in international law to expand the airline's market share are expected to be resolved. So that the goal of getting the maximum benefit can be achieved.

(Reporter: Dian Thenniarti/Translator: Wilda Stiana/